Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education

Understanding the importance of hydration for your skin and body

As per the verdict of nutritionists who have undergone extensive clinical nutrition training, the significance of hydration for both the skin and the body cannot be undermined. Water serves as an indispensable element in preserving the supple and youthful appearance of the skin while facilitating the proper functioning of crucial bodily processes. The indispensability of […]

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5 must-haves for a skin-healthy regime to stay fresh this season

In these ever-changing seasons, our skin is a part of our body that is constantly exposed to environmental factors such as wind, dust, rain, and pollution. Be it summer, spring, or winter, skin care routines always come in handy to protect our skin from such factors. These alterations have an impact not only on our […]

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Ditch the worries of looks with sweat-proof makeup tips

As a professional makeup artist or an aspiring artist pursuing beauty courses, you know how important it is for your clients to look their best on any occasion. However, with the summer heat and humidity, keeping the makeup looking fresh and flawless all day can be quite a challenge. But worry not! Here are some […]

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How to incorporate superfoods into your diet for better health and beauty.

Superfoods are nutrient-dense foods that provide a variety of health benefits. They are high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients that can benefit your overall health and beauty. Incorporating superfoods into your diet is an excellent way to strengthen your immune system, increase your energy levels, and improve the appearance of your skin. Here […]

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5 Proven ways to prevent wrinkles and fine lines

Are you sick of people telling you that you look 40 when you really are 30? But have you ever tried to dig up the main reason why you look older than your actual age? I know it’s tiring, and not everyone likes to be poked for their insecurities, but this isn’t an issue that […]

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The Importance of a Skincare Routine: Tips for Glowing Skin

The very first question before you unwind your makeup kit is: Is your skin healthy? If it’s not up to par, you need to take serious action over your skincare regimen. A professional personal grooming expert will always emphasize the importance of prioritizing your skin’s health over hiding imperfections with makeup. After all, a radiant […]

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The role of nutrition in maintaining health and preventing disease

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle and demanding work schedules frequently leave us wondering how to maintain our health. Having control over our diets is one of the simplest ways to achieve this. The proper diet is essential in today’s society for preserving health, and dietitians are frequently consulted to oversee diet plans. Living a disease-free lifestyle is […]

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Why & how to pursue a career in nutrition?

How many carbs should you consume per day? Is bread healthy? Can we eat oats for breakfast every day? and the list of questions goes on… But does someone have a precise answer to this question? because there are so many incomplete thoughts and scrambled eggs being spread these days. A nutritionist can be a […]

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Difference between a Nutritionist and a Dietitian

The great majority of individuals mistakenly think that “dietitian” and “nutritionist” are relative terms. Although the tasks that these professions investigate and execute are remarkably similar, in reality they play very different roles. We’re taking an in-depth look at the two professions, from normal responsibilities and typical career pathways to the certifications you’ll need and […]

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New Year’s Career Resolutionsin the Beauty Industry

A new year is a time for creating new opportunities and a fresh start. It is also the right moment to make fresh resolutions and set new objectives. As you create new objectives, you work to fulfil them and soar high in life. We all create a list of goals for the New Year. Personal […]

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